ASC T-135 – Alert – Madison, WI

Siren: American Signal Corporation Tempest 135 AC DC

Distance: 250 Feet

Signal: Alert

System: Dane County Warning System

Testing: 1st Wednesday of the Month at 12:00 PM

Activation Policy: Alert for Tornado Warnings

Location: 18 Eastpark Boulevard, Madison, Wisconsin

Map (Siren):

Map (Dane County):

Map (State of Wisconsin): —

Description: It was raining shortly before the countywide siren test, so I contacted the Dane EMA who then told me the test would still be conducted. A Thunderbolt 1000 activated about a minute before the T-135 activated, and a 2001-130 from Sun Prairie was slightly audible before the T-135 activated. This siren was very loud, and shook the ground, and can really rumble your chest.