Why Chinese Students Choose UW-Madison

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So why Chinese students came to study, in this case, UW-Madison? Well we know it’s the best university. But oh well.. actually a lot of us can’t even picture UW-Madison before we fly over here! It’s all a beautiful accident… there is no legit reason why we’re here….

******Who are we?********
Pan, Cecilia and Muge are three Chinese girls from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. They want to answer the questions (or myths) why thousands of Chinese students have chosen to study and live in UW-Madison, as well as the United States. We want to expose cultural adjustment experiences and thoughts on how Chinese students perceive the U.S. Also, how we respond to what the U.S. and its people think of us.

********What is this about?******
The first episode is a general intro of our series. We will explore more interesting topics later on. Please leave a comment to join this project! We want to gather your questions and opinions (good and bad) about Chinese students near you and talk about it. We understand things may get sensitive, but it’s not helpful unless we challenge it by speaking up.

******What else you want to know?*******
The videos will all have Chinese and English subtitles. The purpose of this is to let people on both worlds to understand, not just for the English speaking audiences. There are many Chinese wondering about overseas experiences, so we don’t want to exclude any of that.

Once again, thanks for watching!

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Pan – Senior student from Shenzhen (深圳), China, studying international studies and economics in UW-Madison.

Cecilia – Senior student from Guangzhou, China, studying political science and journalism.

Muge – Senior student from Shanghai, China, studying economics and journalism.

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