Proud, Strong, Prepared: University Of Wisconsin-Madison

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is one of world’s best universities, with more than 400,000 alumni around the globe. Some of the reasons for our success are explained in this short trailer.

Producer: Justin Bomberg

Boston – Smokin – Madison, WI – May 26, 2017 LIVE

Boston founder Tom Scholz makes it ‘well alright’ with his Gibson Les Paul guitar riffs and Hammond organ work, performing the boogie tune “Smokin’ in front of many long time Boston fans for the Hyper Space Tour show in Madison, WI. The group, fronted by vocalist Tommy DeCarlo, delivered many classic rock hits this night at Breese Field.

Tom Scholz – guitar, organ, vocals
Gary Phil – guitar, vocals
Tommy DeCarlo – vocals, gong
Tracy Ferrie – bass, vocals
Beth Cohen – keyboards, vocals
Curly Smith – drums

Recorded live at WIBA-FM Van’s Summer Jam at Breese Stevens Field in Madison, WI on May 26, 2017. | Live In Madison, Wisconsin

This footage has been collected by the 99% from the various sources on the Internet. The content is a free archive of Bernie Sanders footage offered by the people for the people. It is not monetized in anyway.

Everyone at would like to thank the corpoorate broadcast networks and YouTube for keeping this stream that inckudes some of their content available to the 99%.

The buzz is building tonight in Madison Wisconsin, where OVER 9000, some say over 12,000 of Bernie’s supporters have RSVP’d to attend tonight’s 7 O’Clock rally at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.
And the internet has been deluged with comments from voters, such as
Quote, I’m done with voting for the lesser of 2 evils, Bernie Sanders All The Way, and
Quote, He stands for my morals and values.
Senator Sanders has called for a political revolution, building a grass roots movement that will resuscitate our democracy before it’s completely snuffed by the 1%. To that end, he’s encouraging huge citizen participation, and if public response to his rallies is any indication, he’s in touch with both the discontent and the aspirations of most Americans.

Bernie TV will be Live Streaming this Madison rally, and we’re keeping it real with on-the-street interviews of Bernie’s supporters at the event.
You’re encouraged to become part of this historic event by sending in your tweets that will be simulcast with Bernie’s speech. We want to hear what YOU think of what Bernie says.
Get ready. This will be fun. And remember, this event will be available after tonight on
(You Tube…. Bernie2016.TV etc), so be sure to share it with your friends.

Engage with us using hashtag #bernie2016tv and in comments on YouTube.

This is an Engagement Broadcast. We are listening!

Why I Hate Living In Wisconsin

A few reasons why i hate living in wisconsin,central wisconsin.dells,baraboo area.about 30 minutes from west side madison.

Tim McIlrath (of Rise Against) – OHIO – Madison, WI

Tim McIlrath performs OHIO in Madison, WI as part of the “Get Out The Vote” rally.

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Rugby Players Go Ape At Monkey Bar Gym In Madison, WI

Monkey Bar Gym in Madison, Wisconsin approaches physical fitness with a combination of fun and maximum effort.

Bob Dylan Predicts Obama Victory – Blowin’ In The Wind – Madison, Wisconsin – November 5th 2012

Skip to 04:05 to hear him speak.
Here’s what he says:
“Thank you everybody. We tried to play good tonight, after the president was here today. You know, we just had to do something after that. It’s hard to follow that. I think he’s still the president, I think he’s still gonna be the president. Yeah, we know. You know the media’s not fooling anybody, it’s probably gonna be a landslide.”

It wasn’t quite a landslide, but he still called it right.
Obama got 63,823,729 votes (50.8%), Romney got 59,832,706 votes (47.6%).

My City- Madison, WI

Instagram- @rduntan

Credit to Samuel Li for the amazing ground work.

Equipment: Phantom 4 Pro, Sony a6500

Intellilink MyLink Secrets From Steve Dewey Madison WI Milwaukee WI

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